A year has gone by fast


It’s hard to believe we began this journey about a year ago.

Now, as we wait for the ball to drop into 2019, we are looking back at all the love and support we’ve received from friends, family and beyond. We are forever grateful for it all and cannot wait for the next phase of this journey to share with you.

At this point we are actively waiting to be chosen by potential expecting parents who are interested in placing their child.

Once that happens, hopefully, we would have a chance to sit down with the expectant parents to get to know each other. If the fit is right, then we’d continue our journey together.

It often feels as though nothing has been happening, and that can be stressful and cause some anxiety. But we are patiently waiting and know in our hearts a baby will find his or her way into our lives. Many of you have asked how you can help. Every share, comment, and “like” in the social media world can help us connect to potential expecting parents thinking about adoption. Sharing our story in any way is appreciated. You could be the connecting link.

A couple months ago our agency, Family Options of NJ, created a beautiful profile video of us. You can view that here:

We’ve also started an Instagram account to go along with our Facebook and Website. Here are our top 9 posts of 2018.

We also have our profile book on our website and as a PDF available to download. You can see that here.

A lot has been happening, most of which has been behind the scenes. We have to update our Home Study with Family Options annually, which means more paperwork, background checks again, a home visit from a social worker, and more waiting. We are hopeful and excited for the phone call that will change our family’s lives forever.

Happy New Year from our family to yours.

Scott, Melissa & Layla

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