A year has gone by fast


It’s hard to believe we began this journey about a year ago. Now, as we wait for the ball to drop into 2019, we are looking back at all the love and support we’ve received from friends, family and beyond. We are forever grateful for it all and cannot wait for the next phase of […]

Learning Adoption Language

Like with many things in life, when talking about adopting families or children who are being or have been adopted, it is preferred to use a people first approach. So we thought we would share some of the words and phrases that is correct to say, and some that are incorrect to say. What not […]

Classes complete!

We have completed our required classes. In a couple of days we meet with our social worker once more.  We’re approaching the end of the home study process. We believe the next step is to create a profile book, but we’ll be discussing that with our social worker when we meet with her.

6 hours, 4 to go

6 hours, 4 to go

Part of the home study process is education. We have to take 12 hours of classes. However, our adoption agency supplied a document which counts as 2 hours. We have started taking the online classes required for the adoption. We’re 6 hours in, and we have 4 to go. The classes have been interesting. For those […]

Starting the journey


We have officially started the adoption journey. The process begins with a home study, which will begin in the next week or so. Once the home study is underway it could take a few months depending on a variety of factors. But we have confidence we’ll be able to get through this part of the […]