Our First Home Study Visit

Our First Home Study Visit

We had our first home visit from our social worker, Cathy, for our home study. Although we were a bit anxious, Cathy, eased our minds as soon as we met her. We started by showing her our house. Although, it was more like Layla gave the tour. We then sat down and talked about life, our reasoning for adopting and discussed questions we had, and the next steps in the home study process. We are still compiling paperwork to send to Alliance For Children Adoption Agency. In between work, caring for Layla, and getting all the required papers completed, we are trying to educate ourselves about the adoption process through online workshops. We watched one last weekend (during Layla’s naptime) about open adoptions. It encouraged us to talk about how we feel about certain topics involving open adoptions and how we will deal with them as adoptive parents some day. We are looking forward to learning more. Our next meeting with Cathy will be after the holidays and hopefully, we will have more of the paperwork completed by then. Thank you for all the support and love, as always.

Melissa, Scott and Layla

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  • Lots of good luck w your journey. You have already shown what loving caring parents you are!


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