We are lucky to have such supportive people in our lives

We are lucky to have such supportive people in our lives

I’m not sure how else to say it, really. Melissa, Layla and I are so lucky to have such supportive people in our lives. And I mean that beyond donations.

Our realtor, and now friend, Jenn Klein asked me to photograph a client appreciation event. She wanted to make it much more than just a normal event. She wanted to also raise awareness in our local community for the adoption. So we planned a fun event where her clients would receive free photos and any sales go towards the adoption journey.

We also asked friends to dress up as a Santa and a Dreidel. So not only are we lucky enough to have people in our lives trying to find ways to spread the word, and help our fundraising. But we are also lucky to have people in our lives willing to dress up in costumes and be in pictures with kids and adults they do not know. That is love, and we are so incredibly grateful.

The video below is a compilation of photos and bloopers from the event. We hope you enjoy it.

Local Holiday Event

This weekend I photographed a private event that Real Estate in NJ hosted at Plumkinville in Freehold, NJ. It was a client appreciation event where families could have their children's photos made with a Santa or a Dreidel. It was a lot of fun, and doubled as a fundraiser and awareness builder for my family's adoption journey). This video is a compilation of the photos, behind the scenes photos and videos and bloopers. Enjoy! Links to the realtor, Plumkinville and our adoption website in comments.#RealEstateWithJenn #FreeholdNJ #ManalapanNJ

Posted by Scott Wyden Kivowitz on Monday, December 4, 2017

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