Answering your top adoption questions

Answering your top adoption questions

We are so thankful for all the encouragement, well wishes, and happiness sent our way as we announced that we are starting the adoption process to grow our family. It was amazing to read every warm comment on Facebook, read kind texts and emails, and listen to empathetic phone calls from our friends and family. Along with all the ‘cheerleaders’, we have in our support system, there are also many questions. We are happy to answer almost anything about our adoption adventure. We know that most people are asking questions out of caring and curiosity. We are learning along with you and we hope to educate, as we are educated. Some questions, we don’t know how to answer yet. We will ask our agency and Lauren, Melissa’s sister, for help. The following are a few of the top questions we have been getting right away:

Q: Does Layla know what is happening?

A: Layla is 2 years old, almost 3, very smart and a wonderful little girl. She does not understand the whole adoption process. We will explain it to her through storybooks about adoption and discussions on her developmental level. She will be an awesome big sister someday.

Q: How old is the baby going to be?

A: We are hoping to adopt an infant, domestically. Our baby could be born anywhere in the United States! So exciting!

Q: How long is the process going to take?

A: The home study process will take 3-6 months to accomplish. We will have to compile paperwork, complete educational classes online, and have visits from our case manager. After the home study, we will be waiting to be matched. The time-frame is unknown, but we are hoping for a quick journey!

Q: What can we do to help?

A: We are very excited about starting this adoption journey. We know it is going to be an emotional rollercoaster. Financially, the entire process may cost $30,000-$40,000. We will be applying for grants and loans. We are doing a t-shirt fundraiser on and planning a family photo fundraising event. Any support given to our family is greatly appreciated….more than words can say.


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